Thursday, July 24, 2014

Learning How to Light

Learning how to light scenes in 3DS Max. June 2014

Standard Lighting:

Test Lighting

Adding creature

Different camera angle 

Photometric Lighting:

Learning 3DS Max

Learning 3DS Max and how to model. November 2013

Strong Man Face

Strong Man


Lil Piggy 

USS Defiant from Star Trek

Early Projects in Illustrator

Early projects done in Illustrator. Done in Image Manipulation December 2012, first time using Illustrator.

Scooby Doo

Me as a South Park character

An underwater scene

Early Projects in Photoshop

Some of my early projects in Photoshop. Done in Image Manipulation October 2012, first time using Photoshop.

A caricature of me

Comic Book Cover

Movie Poster

CD Album Cover

Flower Collage 

3D Models

A couple of 3D models done October 2013

Flower vase

Modern Chair

The Bear That Wasn't Retold

Beat boards for the short story "The Bear that Wasn't" by Frank Tashlin. Done in Digital Ink and Paint class March 2014.

Cel Animation

Comic Inking

Black and Grey Painting

 Color Painting